On Thursday, January 13th in the early morning, our no-kill shelter was robbed. We were devastated to share the news with our supporters on Fox 2 News Detroit yesterday.

Despite having an anti-theft lock on it, our trailer was taken from our shelter in under 8 minutes. Security cameras caught the thefts leaving but no suspects have been identified.

Inside the trailer was everything that we use for our adoption events: event tables, dog crates, blankets, etc. This was a loss of over $10,000 to our rescue.

Please see the video for the full interview or the article from Fox 2 Detroit.

We need to raise $20,000.00 to purchase a reliable cargo van to replace the trailer, as well as additional funds to increase security at our shelter.

Last week, our shelter had another break-and-enter (see security footage below) which now makes increased security a priority for our dogs. We need to keep our dogs safe.

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