Step 1: Choose A Dog To Foster or Adopt

Make sure you’ve selected the furry friend that you’re interested in bringing into your home! We have all of our dogs listed on our Petfinder page. You’ll need to make sure you choose one prior to filling out an application.

Step 2: Fill Out The Google Doc Application

Please fill out the Foster/Adoption Application to the best of your ability. This needs to be filled out whether you’re fostering or adopting.

Foster/Adoption App

Our team will review your application and be back in touch with any questions and next steps.

Step 3: Complete Vet Check & Application Review

Our team will review your application and follow through with the check of your provided veterinarian. It’s very important to us that our dogs are going to homes that are best suited for their breed/behaviors/special needs, for both the foster/adopter’s and the dog’s sake.

Step 4: Schedule A Home Visit

If everything checks out with the application and your veterinarian, we’ll contact you to schedule a home visit where we’ll bring the dog you’ve chosen to your home, see how they interact with you and your family, and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible!

Ready to apply? Please read before submitting!

The following are very important items that you need to make sure are accurate and completed before applying:

  • You need a physically fenced in yard (no invisible fences or tie outs) to adopt or foster most of our dogs.
  • You must live within an hour of Birmingham, MI as our volunteers do home visits and cannot drive longer than two hours round trip.
  • Please read the dog’s PetFinder profile to ensure that you meet that specific dog’s requirements (no children, only dog, privacy fence, etc.). These requirements are in place for the safety of the dog and your family.
  • Fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Listing only the vet that spayed/neutered your dog is not accepted. Please list the vet that has all your vaccination records and record of your dog’s spay/neuter.

Thank you for considering adopting or fostering! If you feel you need to ask a questions before completing the application, feel free to contact us.