Make A Difference Rescue (MADR) is a 501c3 non-profit, no kill, canine rescue.

Our rescue was formed in 2010 for the purpose of preventing abuse to animals. MADR was primarily a foster based rescue until 2015, when we opened a shelter in Detroit to accept more intakes and expand our reach.

We help the dogs no one else will touch, regardless of their breed, behavior, or medical condition.

This includes saving dogs from euthanization from high kill shelters, medically-fragile owner surrenders, rescues from abusive situations, and disease-ridden strays. We provide the behavioral training, medical assistance, and support to rehabilitate these dogs, no matter the cost, until they’re ready for a new forever home.

In addition, our staff is expertly trained in handling court case dogs, which makes it a statewide resource for many jurisdictions. For more information on these services specifically, visit our Legal page.

Judie Jones, Director of MADR

In June 2018, we announced with great excitement and anticipation that Make A Difference Rescue had registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture as an Animal Protection Shelter. We are proud to be one of the best protection shelters in Detroit licensed by the State of Michigan since August 2019.

About MADR

Make A Difference started from a very humble place with a solid group of regular volunteers and limited funds.

The hearts involved have always exceeded the pocket book, but that doesn’t stop our desire to help. The more people and resources involved, the more we can help.  Please join us, whether by volunteering, donating needed supplies or money. We can only grow with your participation!