A lot of you have been asking, so we wanted to give an update on what is happening with our shelter and the city of Detroit.

Last Friday in court, the city opened up communications and requested a rendering of our plans for the shelter, giving us hope. We provided them with this beautiful rendering of our shelter (see below), but there is still so much red tape and hoops to jump through. Fighting the city of Detroit is a very costly endeavor, but we’re doing it for the Detroit dogs. They need us to be their voices. It has already been 6 weeks and over $47,880 in boarding fees.

We cannot sustain another 2 weeks of boarding, let alone the 2 months they are saying it will take until we get through all the court proceedings.

We are drowning in boarding fees and we are still paying rent and insurance on a building we can’t use We truly need everyone to come together for the welfare of the dogs in Detroit. Please help us fight to keep our no kill shelter in Detroit by donating, sharing, and spreading the word. Your donations will make this possible. Donations are accepted by the methods below:

  • Venmo: @judieMakeADifference
  • PayPal: Donate here
  • By Mail: MADR, PO Box 890, Birmingham, MI 48012

Corporate donors are also much needed now more than ever to help us with boarding costs, and to help make our plans for our shelter become a reality. It is so important for our shelter to remain on the east side of Detroit so we can stay where we are needed the most and continue helping the community and the dogs of Detroit. As always, we appreciate your help and any donation you’re able to make!

Thank you so much ♥️